Energy Efficiency

Practically every business organisation is facing one of the main economic and environmental challenges of our time: how to produce, serve and operate more efficiently. Optimizing the efficiency of energy use is one of the most exciting and cost-focused areas of efficiency improvement.

We offer our partners our extensive experience and innovative solutions in this field. We provide professional support to identify and detect areas for improvement, suggest optimisation opportunities and help your company to implement a cost efficiency project.

Our custom-designed systems and solutions enable our corporate clients to unlock significant savings and efficiency potential.

Sub-metering systems

Performance binding optimisation

Consumption and cost monitoring

Experience and results

Metering point
Online metering, submetering
Uniquely developed energy monitoring system

To whom are we offering?

If your company…

  • considers energy and cost-efficient operation important…
  • is challenged by accurately tracking energy costs…
  • wishes to get a complex picture of the energy consumed…
  • is committed to implementing energy innovations…
  • wishes to be informed about the latest energy efficiency technologies…

…then Core Energy Services is the optimal solution for your energy efficiency needs

Contact us for detailed information, ask for our tailor-made offer/proposal for your company