Price and risk optimisation

Our aim is to provide our partners with the best possible support in the field of energy procurement, tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

We therefore make it a priority to understand our clients’ operations, how their energy procurement and use fits into their business, how it affects their budget, its predictability and the challenges of timing decisions.

Core Energy Services has decades of international experience in energy procurement methods and strategies. We offer a tailor-made solution for all our clients: for all relevant procurement models, whether fixed price or flexible, we support our partners in developing and operationalising the right strategy.

Our expert colleagues provide our partners with continuous information on energy price developments and possible future trends, based on the main energy market indicators in Europe, the US and Asia, as well as on a continuous analysis of energy market news. We believe that information is of key importance: we keep our clients informed on a daily basis about changes in key energy market fundamentals, supporting them with detailed weekly analyses to help them make informed purchasing decisions. Our aim is to ensure that all our customers procure the energy they need to run their business at the most optimal time possible, based on a “tailor-made” procurement strategy.

Unique, customized procurement strategy

Price optimisation and risk management

Regular energy market reports

Experience and results

Unique strategies – unique procurement procedures
Involving 200+ energy traders
energy markets
Unique professional experience and information
million MWh electricity
Strong negotiating position during competition
million MWh natural gas
Strong negotiating position during competition

To whom are we offering?

If your company…

  • is challenged with the timing of energy procurement…
  • is open to alternative procurement methodology…
  • considers the predictability, budget predictability important…
  • considers accurate and up-to-date energy cost tracking a key element…
  • wishes to be informed about energy market news and trends on a daily basis…
  • considers important for being able to diversify its procurement risk within a predefined framework…

…then choose Core Energy Services price and risk management solution

information, ask for our tailor-made offer for your company