Invoice management


Tailor made budget reports


Comprehensive, up-to-date financial, consumption and billing data


Effective and reactive energy reporting (per POD and cumulated)

Core Energy Services Kft. provides a market-leading, uniquely developed data-, invoice management and comprehensive bill validation solution for many customers. This solution provides significant relief in terms of reducing their administrative burdens,  up-to-date information on the evolution of utility costs and accurate billing to utility services suppliers. The advantages of our solution are used by a wide range of customers, from SMEs to retailers with thousands of consumption points.

We currently support 35+ corporate customers with our Follow Your Invoice bill management solution, processing over 4,500 PODs and over 82,500 invoices per year. As a result of our service, we correct more than 2,300 invoice errors each year, thereby saving our partners roughly EUR 600,000 in incorrectly invoiced values.

Automated data collection

Data storage


Validation and correction



Experience and results

flexibly implemented consumption points
validated invoices
Automated control process
check point
Bill validation with 100% accuracy
corrected utilit bill
Every invoice failure will be corrected

To whom are we offering?

If your company…

  • …has many consumption points…
  • …faces a significant challange in case of the administration of up-to-date utility bills and costs…
  • …would like to make certain of that the correct items and values have been billed by suppliers…
  • …is interested in the accurate and trackable utility costs…
  • …prioritises that all the above information becomes available on online platform for all concerned colleagues…

…úgy a Follow Your Invoice az ideális megoldás.

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