Energy Procurement

“So many countries, so many customs.” the saying goes. This is especially true in the world of energy procurement. Every company is unique: whether it is the industry, the production structure, the volume of consumption or even the willingness to take risks, it is important to find the most tailor-made response to the specific needs of each company.

We manage more than 100 procurement procedures a year, obtaining the most flexible contracts with the most favourable commercial terms for our partners, in order to best fit the client’s energy, financial and economic requirements.

The most important objective for Core Energy Services is to procure electricity or natural gas for our partners on the most optimal terms available.

Customized procurement procedure

Flexible commercial terms

Professional legal aid

Complete tender management

Experience and results

Unique strategies – unique procurement procedures
Involving 200+ energy traders
energy markets
Unique professional experience and information
million MWh electricity
Strong negotiating position during competition
million MWh natural gas
Strong negotiating position during competition

To whom are we offering?

If your company…

  • is challenged with the timing of energy procurement…
  • is open to alternative procurement methodologies…
  • considers predictability, budget predictability important…
  • is committed to winning a competitive and reliable pool of vendors…
  • considers accurate up-to-date monitoring of energy costs a key factor…
  • wishes to be informed of energy market news and trends on a daily basis…
  • considers being able to diversify its procurement risk within predefined limits important…

…then choose Core Energy Services energy procurement management solution

Contact us for detailed information, ask for our tailor-made offer for your company